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Are there any specifications regulating which .biz domains can or cannot be registered?

Yes. A complete list of reserved registry names can be found here and here.

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What are the registration term requirements for .biz in Registry Live?

Effective December 10, 2002, registrants are required to register for a minimum one year registration period and a maximum 10 year registration period.

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How much will domain name renewals cost?

See our Domain Pricing page for more information.

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Is there a maximum field length for contact information?

Yes. The maximum field length for all contact information is 30 characters (This does not include email address).

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How frequently will nameserver and WHOIS information be updated at the registry?

For the first 60 days of registry live, nameserver and WHOIS information will be updated every 12 hours (at 7:00am and 7:00pm). After the 60 day period is complete, the registry expects to update this information every 15 minutes.

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When can changes to registrant information be made?

Changes to registrant information for domains registered in either Start-Up or registry live can be made beginning January 2002.

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