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Frequently Asked Questions about .INFO Domain Names

What is .INFO?

.INFO is the Internet's first unrestricted top-level domain since .COM, which began use in 1985. Intuitive, easy to use, and universally recognized, .INFO domain names are your opportunity to reach a worldwide audience with information about you, your ideas, or your organization.

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Who is eligible to register a domain during the Registry Live?

Anyone! There are no restrictions on who may register .INFO names. .INFO was created for general use around the world. Use your .INFO name for business, personal use, your organization - whatever you like. Afilias makes no representations as to whether or not a particular domain name infringes upon any trademark or intellectual property rights.

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Is .INFO universally recognized?

Absolutely. Anyone anywhere in the world can reach .INFO domains through their Web browsers or e-mail. .INFO has been created under the auspices of ICANN, the non-profit corporation that governs that management of the Internet's domain name system. ICANN designated Afilias as the official .INFO registry, responsible for administrating the .INFO TLD and turning it into a globally used resource.

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What are the valid characters and valid lengths for domain names?

.INFO names can contain the English-language letters A through Z, and the digits 0 through 9. You can also use hyphens, but hyphens cannot begin or end your domain name. Spaces and special characters (such as !, $, &, ë, and so on) are never permitted. The minimum length is 3 characters, and the maximum length is 63 characters (excluding the "https://www" and ".info" portions). At this time, .INFO does not support multilingual domain names in foreign character sets, but it may in the future.

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What are the registration terms for domains registered during the Registry Live?

Domain names registered during the Registry Live must be registered for a minimum of two years and up to a maximum of 10 years.

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When can I start using a domain registered during the Registry Live?

Domains registered during the Registry Live are expected to be resolvable approximately five minutes after the registration.

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How soon can domain names be transferred?

Names registered in real-time registration (on or after October 1, 2001) can be transferred at any time. Please note that per the terms of Sunrise registration, domain names registered during the Sunrise Period cannot be transferred for a period of one hundred and eighty (180) days following the end of the Sunrise Period. The only exceptions are for transfers required as a result of a successful Sunrise challenge. In addition, names subject to one or more pending challenges might not be transferred.Similarly, names registered in the Start-up Period ("land rush") may not be transferred until sixty (60) days after the conclusion of the Start-up Period, except for transfers that result from an UDRP administrative proceeding or a court order.For more information about these transfer restrictions, please see Exhibit E, sections V.3 and V.4 of the Registry-Registrar Agreement, which is part of ICANN's agreement with Afilias.

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What dispute process will be used for domains registered during the Registry Live?

Disputes for domains registered during the Registry Live may be settled according to the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) or through the regular court system.

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How much will renewals cost?

See our Domain Pricing page for more information.

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